Unable to migrate Powerautomate from one tenant to another

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We are trying to migrate Power Automate from one tenant to another.Is there any possible way to automate the export and import process of Power Automate using C#,powershell or Graph API.

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Hi, you need to use third party apps to migrate. Try Apps4.Pro Migration Manager. DM me for more details.

Hi @User1_Infosys,

if all of your flows are inside of a solution than you can just export/import the solution (If you are also using environment variables in your flows).

If you want to automate the process, then you could setup an ALM Pipeline on Azure Devops

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@User1_Infosys you can export individual flows as a zip file then import them into the new environment. But of course you then need to manually change the data source etc. We're going through this at the moment with about 160 live flows and dozens of example flows used for training and in the Microsoft Power Automate Community forum. It's a rather painful process but we're taking the opportunity to document them all and our Power Apps with Power Docu.


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@RobElliott We have a solution for your case. We understand just the simple export and import will ot solve the cases. Rather users have to create connections and add to the flows again and more. This is more painful.