Unable to create flow on local network

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When we use the template to create an email when a SP list item is edited, we get errors, but it works fine when we are on the guest wi-fi. How can I help my client troubleshoot their network problems?


@Merwan Hade or @Stephen Siciliano can either of you point me in the right direction?

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Hi Dean,


Can you please elaborate on which errors you're facing so that we can help you debug? Also, could you please provide us a flow id, e.g. - https://flow.microsoft.com/manage/flows/e0adc133-6d48-403e-914e-8e3f50dgxhcb. Please feel free to reach out to me directly at mhade [at] microsoft [dot] com. 




Thanks, my netork engineer just found out that she needed to make a change to her proxy server (bluecoat) to allow the calls to/from azure-apim.net


The error was occurring when it tried to get values from the tenant to populate the drop down choices of sites and lists.


There does not seem to be any documentation about this requirement. Could you please add information about these requirements to the pages that define the url/ip values for O365 and azure.