Triggers all "Send an Email" action when item is modified

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Hello Guys,


I'm just new to Sharepoint and Flow and honestly, I have zero background in excel codings, logic, formulas, etc. (I'm not an IT guy). But I have been interested with automation which enhances processes and handoffs in the nature of my work.


So I created a list in sharepoint and I used the "When a new item is created or modified"


My list contains the following column:

Name: Single line of text, required field

Request Type: Single line of text, required field

Assinged to: Choice

Date Started: Date

Date Completed: Date

Status: Choice


So what I did with my workflow is, when a new item is created, it automatically sends an email to admin and fill up the status field to For Acceptance. Then the recepeint of the email edits the list and assigns to appropriate user and triggers the flow updates the item field status to Accepted and sends a new email informing that the request has been assigned. Once the task has been assigned, assigned user edits the date started then flow updates the status to In Progress. Once the user is done, he/she populates the Date completed and flow will trigger to update the status to Completed and send an email to the requestor that the request has been completed.



Everytime the list item is modified, it triggers all the email actions, meaning if I enter data in Date completed, it sends email 1, 2, and 3. What more is that sometimes I receive 40+ emails. Im quessing because the action "Update an item", I have to populate the required fields which could have triggered "send an email" action multiple times (my original list has 6 required fields and 3 "update an item" action). 


I have attached my sample list I created and the its behaviour whenever I update an item. Sorry, I'm not in the office yet and I do not have access to the site in my personal computer. Kindly help me on this one.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 8.32.29 PM.png


Here is the poweruser link:


Thank you!

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