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I am trying to create a timetracker but running into some problems. 

Business Requirement : when an employee comes to office, I want him to log his arrival time and when he leaves, i want him to log the exit time. This entry and exit will create list entries in sharepoint. The employee should initiate the flow from desktop and not mobile. 


What I did 

1. Create a list on sharepoint site with columns User, Event (arrival, exit) and Time (uk) time.


Whats the best way to capture the time automatically when an item is created. I don't want employees to type in their own time due to misuse of feature. 


Is there a way where the difference between arrival and exit is calculated so I can get an idea of how many hours were logged by employees since we typically have per hour billing for some projects.

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@witcher121 SharePoint automatically saves the date & time that each item was created in the Created column. And that cannot be changed. So in your view of the list make sure you are displaying the Created column:





For doing the calculations and submitting the timesheet, the way I do it is to have a customised PowerApps form (from the Power Apps link above the list). It knows who the logged in user is so they don't have to enter their name but do enter their starting, finishing and lunch times and their hourly rate. The form then calculates the total for the day and clicking Save adds it to the SharePoint list.




But you might not want the users to see the timesheet that others have submitted. So the app can be embedded on a page on this or another site:



By having another screen on the app you could have a gallery that showed the user a list of the timesheets that they had submitted but they wouldn't see the timesheets of anyone else.


Do come back with any questions about this or you need more information about how it has been done.


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Hi @RobElliott ,


Thanks for the inputs. This is helpful. The only thing which I dont want is the user selecting his own time.  could we in someway trigger the time? Some folks might misuse the forms and not put in right arrival time. 

@witcher121  with the created time you can select from the list settings whether to display the time as well as the date (as in my first screenshot) or not.


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