There is a problem with the flow trigger; when import the solution inside the prodcution environme

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I have an automated flow which which contains 3 trigger conditions as follow:-

@equals(length(split(triggerOutputs()?['body/{Path}'],'/')),int(parameters('CustomerFolderLocation (birchgol_CustomerFolderLocation)')))
@equals(endsWith(triggerOutputs()?['body/{Path}'],concat(parameters('PathToFolder (birchgol_PathToFolder)'),'/')),true)

 the flow worked well on the Dev environment, but when i move it to the PROD environment inside the solution the flow will never get triggered and i will get this error:-





any advice why the workflow triggers are not working inside the PROD environment?



Where we defined the Trigger conditions as follow:-







and the parameters are environment variables.

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Hi @john john 


Is your flow being triggered if you remove all of the trigger conditions?

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@SvenSieverdingYes , and the flow is working well on the Dev environment..