Start an Automation Runbook with Parameters from a Power App Button

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I have the following code for a Button OnSelect function.  The Azure Automation Runbook has 3 required paramters with matching names to the record below.


When i click the button, the automation runbook fails because "Cannot process command because of one or more missing mandatory parameters:"


Any idea how to pass parameters to a runbook in a PowerApp.  PS.  I want to do this directly in a PowerApp button, NOT trigger a Flow AND THEN trigger a Runbook.


        wait: true,
        body: JSON(
                param1: ComboBox1.Selected.UserPrincipalName,
                param2: ComboBox2.Selected.UserPrincipalName,
                param3: DropDown1.SelectedText.Value


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@AndrewX hey, did you ever manage to solve this by any chance? Thanks

@AndrewX also interested to know if you ever got this working. I have the same requirement. Thanks.

@AndrewX @Nicol Hanekom @BasedRaj115 


In the end, calling AZ Automation directly from the AZ Automation Power App Connector did not work, instead you can do the following.

1. Use a flow

 2. Create a Custom Connector and use that (Recommended)


 or option 3. Which is what I have done, I  use Azure Functions and a Custom Connector