Start a flow from an email

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I want to trigger a flow from the body of an email adress. Is that possible? I have the json that I use for triggering a flow from a list, but it doesn't work to insert this into an emails body. 

Ideas anyone?


{ "$schema": "", "elmType": "span", "style": { "color": "#0078d7" }, "children": [ { "elmType": "span", "attributes": { "iconName": "Flow" } }, { "elmType": "button", "style": { "border": "none", "background-color": "transparent", "color": "#0078d7", "cursor": "pointer" }, "txtContent": "Opprett kontraktutkast", "customRowAction": { "action": "executeFlow", "actionParams": "{\"id\": \"<flowid>\"}" } } ] }

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@Tonje Waasjø You could try using the HTTP request to trigger the Flow


In the email body include the URL to the Flow as explained in this post