Sorting Gallery by Date in Acending order

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I have a gallery in my PowerApp that filters the results by "DateTimeChangeMade" from two date pickers. I also want to sort the results in Ascending order, but I can not seem to find the proper syntax for this. Below is my Filter that I need to wrap the sort command around, but once I add the SortByColumn around it, the items stop returning. What am I missing?


Filter('Request Production Change',DateTimeChangeMade>=DatePicker1.SelectedDate&&DateTimeChangeMade<=DatePicker2.SelectedDate) 


SortByColumns(Filter('Request Production Change',DateTimeChangeMade>=DatePicker1.SelectedDate&&DateTimeChangeMade<=DatePicker2.SelectedDate), "DateTimeChangeMade", If(SortDescending1, Descending, Descending))

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Try using Sort instead of SortByColumn.