Sharing PowerApps and Connection consent


I've created a PowerApp which gathers feedback from a user and adds it to a SharePoint list.


In the PowerApp I have set the sharing:

powerapp sharing.png



A Flow is triggered when a submit button is clicked in the app. The Flow adds the feedback to the SharePoint list.


The Flow resides in the My Flows area i.e. it is not a Team Flow.

flow sharing.png



 The app works for me but when others come to use it they are asked to provide consent


connection consent.png

What can be done to remove the consent flow as it is a barrier to people actually using the app. Is there a way to set the PowerApp sharing or Flow settings to remove this step.


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Know this is an old thread, but curious if you ever found a work around for this. Trying to deploy an org wide app and although the prompts are simple enough, this is quite horrible for an average user. Especially with such recent security concerns this day in age.

Sadly not. It is still a jarring user experience