SharePoint not available as Flow Owner


Does anyone know what it takes to add SharePoint as a flow owner? I see that option sometimes, but not for all the flows. I'm currently building a number of flows when SharePoint items in lists are created, but I don't see the option to add SharePoint as a flow owner. 



I have two identical lists on two sites. The ownership and data connection are identical. The flow steps are identical. In one workflow I can add SharePoint as an owner, in the other Flow I don't see that link.




What determines if this link is visible or not?

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Very wird, if both workflows are workflows attached to a list, the SharePoint tab should appear in both
Check your site / list permissions, make sure you are same level of permissions at the SharePoint level.

Permissions are identical in the two sites. I am a site collection admin and member of the Site Owners group. The SharePoint Workflow service account is also in the Site Owners group.

Are both sites Office 365 Group sites, or might one of them be using the Classic infrastructure?


*Edit* I think this point can be disregarded, my version of Flow doesn't seem to care what the site is, SharePoint is an option for both types.

Did you find any solutions to this? Running to this issue currently.