SharePoint list "+New" form (customized in PowerApps) does not open... sometimes

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I have a "modern" SharePoint site with a custom list. I used the offered feature to customize forms using PowerApps. The forms all work great... most times. Sometimes, however, when I click "+New" or "Edit", the form does not appear. The UI button flashes with the mouse click, but no form opens.


Funny enough, it starts to work again just fine if I perform the following steps... other variations of these steps don't seem to work:

  1. Change to a different view
  2. Go into "Quick Edit"
  3. Enter data into only one of the required fields (but not all) then click out of the row
  4. When the error displays (for missing data in required fields), refresh the screen
  5. Change view back to same view I was in when I had the problem before step 1 above

Now when I click "+New" or "Edit", the form opens as designed.


In order to have different forms used for new items and for updates, I have the following attributes set on the SharePointIntegration integration definition:


OnCancel = If(SharePointFormMode="CreateForm", ResetForm(AddResource), ResetForm(UpdateStatus))


OnEdit = Set(SharePointFormMode, "EditForm"); EditForm(UpdateStatus); Navigate(FormUpdateStatus, ScreenTransition.None)


OnNew = Set(SharePointFormMode, "CreateForm"); NewForm(AddResource); Navigate(FormAddResource, ScreenTransition.None)


OnSave = If(SharePointFormMode="CreateForm", SubmitForm(AddResource), SubmitForm(UpdateStatus))


OnView =  Set(SharePointFormMode, "EditForm"); EditForm(UpdateStatus); Navigate(FormUpdateStatus, ScreenTransition.None)

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Hi @WHSteve 


Does the problem occur in other web browsers? Which one are you using at the moment that has the issue?




@Damien Rosario, thanks for responding! I am using Chrome, as that's what most of our users will use. That said, I was not able to replicate the issue on IE 11 (we can not use Edge, and few users will use anything else, so not tested on FFox or Safari, etc.)

Hi @WHSteve 


Not sure what the issue might be but maybe check out the experts at the PowerApps forum to see if they have any ideas?


This forum is amazing, you'll enjoy it!


Good luck




I could not get the form to open the customized form, it kept opening the default classic form. After trying other browsers and refreshing as well as clearing cache, I found that I had some choice columns that had radio buttons. I changed this to dimple dropdowns and the problem was solved. I hope this helps someone.