SharePoint list flow that triggers an email every time an item is modify (even the same item)

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I created a PowerApps that creates/updates a SharePoint list with several columns (name, email address, date, time, yes/no, multiple choices, and single lines. I need the flow to send a confirmation when a new item is created (this flow is working fine). I need an email to go out when an item is modified (status changes from New to Support assigned and technicians email address is added. as soon as the email goes out the Yes/No column to update to yes from default NO. The current flow send the email when the status changed from new to support assigned, but keeps sending email every time I change the status from support assigned to any other status (pending, completed and cancelled). I still don't know how to update the Yes/No column (I am doing it manually).  I need help desperately as this is my first time working with PowerApps and automation flows. Please Help!!! 

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@llopez685 in your flow you can check if a specific column has been changed. First you need to make sure that you have turned versioning on for your list in List Settings.


In your flow the trigger should be "When an item of file is modified". The first action will be "Get changes for an item or a file (properties only). For the Since and Until fields you select the Trigger Window Start Token and Trigger Window End Token from the dynamic content:



Next you need a condition to check if the specific column (or columns, you can put more than 1 in the condition) has changed. So in the image below we want to check if the Completed column has changed. We are also checking if the Completed column - a Yes/No column - is set to Completed.




In this example we're setting the Status column to Archive but your real life version will have different actions.




Usually when working with Yes/No columns in a flow you need to use true (for Yes) and false (for No).



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@RobElliott, Thank you very much for your response. I fallowed your flow and it is not working for me. This is the flow I created. I just need the Column Email sent to update from NO to YES after I update the Column Event Status from Blank to Technician Assigned and the stop sending email after I update the same item with any other information.


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