SharePoint List and Power App Integration

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I have a dilemma. Scenario: I created a power app tool and gave different departments (HR, Finance, Operations, etc.) access to the power app and SharePoint list.


My dilemma is that these folks can directly access the SharePoint list I connected to my power app tool, which I want to avoid. I like the SharePoint list to be accessed via the power app only.


Is there a way to do it?



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@MrCMG as a minimum they need Contribute permissions on the SharePoint list. But if you've built this as a standalone Power App you don't need to tell them which site the list is on or what the list is called, they just interact with it in the app via galleries, edit forms or data tables. It's not foolproof but it's an approach we take all the time at my company.  If you've done it as a PowerApps customised form then that's something different and you wouldn't be able to prevent them directly accessing the list.


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