SharePoint error in power automate - Get Items

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Power Automate run from PowerApps

SharePoint Get Items - get the following error


Error from token exchange: Permission denied due to missing connection ACL: Connection version -9223372036854775808, connection=msmanaged-na/sharepointonline/f54a5dfd56414183957edb159ce4b1d8

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Have you verified your connections? If the connections look good, I'd recommend removing the SPO connection and recreating it.
The required connection for the logic Flow should have been created within the Canvas Apps consent dialog already.
You could try to remove the Flow from the Apps data source pane and add it again by using a button temporary.
This way any additional formula expression you might have built around your 'run' will be kept.

At the next start of the Canvas App the required Sharepoint connection of the associated Flow should be shown again for authentication.