SharePoint Data Source not outputting updated Power Apps form

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Hello All,


I recently completed a form on Power Apps that is connected to my Sharepoint data source. I have made numerous updates to the form (color, functionality, etc.), but when I press '+ New' on my SharePoint to show the form, it keeps showing me my earlier one (without all the new edits/updates).


I've published my most recent version of the form, and it's connected to the SharePoint data source (changes in the source are reflected in the form, data from the form is sent to the SharePoint). 


Does anyone know why this is? What do I need to do to fix it? Looking for advice.

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@ckeleonu Just to make sure you have published the correct version, cross-check it.


If latest version is published, can it be browser caching issue? Try clearing browser cache & see if it loaded latest version of power apps customized list form.

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@ckeleonu hopefully not stepping opn his answer, but @ganeshsanap has got it absolutely right by suggesting it's a browser cache issue. We've had real problems with this lately on a live Power App with hundreds of simultaneous users. Try ctrl+r several times.



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@ganeshsanap @RobElliott thank you both for your insight. 


However, I still need guidance on a solution. Below, you will find 2 photos attached: one showing the current PowerApps form version, and the other showing the current form version attached to the SharePoint data source:






What do I need to do the SharePoint data source to connect it to the most recent version of the PowerApps form?