Sharepoint and Power Automate Copy Information and Leave fresh template

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Hi Guys,

Im really struggling to work this out.

I have exel file with tabs in it for each day of the week. Monday Day Monday Night Tuesday Day Tuesday Night and so on.

Current Week Exel file is stored on sharepoint. 

Im looking for solution to copy data from this file onto new one and with a week number or date as a name  and leave current week file clear for new week so new data can be inputted. 

Anyone done anything like it or knows how this could be achived.

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You could do this with Power Automate running on a weekly schedule:
1. create a "clean" file with your Excel file format. This is just a template file.
2. have a current week file, used for your weekly input.
3. when the week is completed, the Power Automate could rename the current week file to whatever name you want.
4. the Power Automate could then copy the "clean file" and save as the current week file.