Set values for Managed Metadata (aka Taxonomy) columns in PowerApps and Flow! (First Release)


Hi everyone,



As of today, you will be able to set the values of your managed metadata columns (sometimes also called taxonomy columns) in PowerApps (for both multi-value and single value) and in Flow (single value for now, but multi-value coming soon...)


Here's a sample multi-value taxonomy column that was tied to a termset for languages.




We are not fully all the way there: the default values are not yet showing up if they are set, and we don't yet let you disambiguate between different paths while you are typing, but we think this is a great net new add for our customers who love and use the managed metadata columns. 


Please give it a try, and let us know your feedback. In your First Release tenant, you can create a new app, or custom forms, or go to an existing app and refresh the schema to get the new columns.


We expect to start rolling out to Production in the last week of November if we don't hit any blocking issues. 

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I needed this to use powerapps to change a Sharepoint list item's creation form.
Because, in our tenant, impossible to hide a field when we want...
Again a restriction of Powerapps. Users can't add their own values.
How do you think we will use this thing if every existing functionnlity from Sharepoint are not supported, translated.
Will fallow the subject but don't have real hopes.

Seems not possible to set Default Values for the Managed Metadata DatacardValue?

Any suggestions to set a default value to a Managed Metadata Column in a PowerApps FormMode.New?

@Kerem Yuceturk is there any new updates on creating new Managed Metadata items using Power Apps?

@Kerem Yuceturk Your solution works great, but is it possible to show the Label, Path once the item is saved in a formViewer?




Hi @Paul_at_DI. Unfortunately, there are no new updates. I'd encourage you to submit this feature request on UserVoice and/or the Power Apps Community.