Set choice, people, lookup and content type fields in Flow!


Hey everyone,


We just finished rolling out the feature to Microsoft Flow that lets you set choice, people and lookup fields, as well as content type for the item. Please read about the details, and a couple of known issues that we are working on, as well as some of the upcoming features in this post on the Flow Blog, and let us know what you think:

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Nice long waited additions!. Looking forward for support of attachments to list items.

Am I missing something? I have a Lookup column called Report Type in my list. I want to set it based on a variable's value in my Flow. But all I get is a dropdown for Report Type Id where I have to select a value as I design the Flow. I can't set using a variable, whether the variable contains the text of a value for Report Type or the Id in the lookup list.

Found it. Way at the bottom of the dropdown you can use "Enter custom value". It's a long list, so I wasn't seeing it. Bad UI. I'd suggest the "Enter custom value" option be at the top of the dropdown.

Is the link no longer valid? It is loading a web server error.

Looks like it is back up @Brandon Tarrant, hope it works for you now. Let me know if it does not.

@Marc Anderson- thanks for catching this one an reporting it here!  Saved me some aggravation.