Sending an email to a list of people I get by email

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I have encountered two barriers that make me think that my approach is wrong to a set of flows I created. I receive an email on a Monday every other week with an attached Excel file. The file is a list of the email addresses of people who are out of compliance with the system that sends me the email with the attached file. I have set up a flow that saves the file (which always has the same name) to the same OneDrive folder when it comes in. I then set up a flow that takes the list from the Excel file and sends each address a "your Late" email. Unfortunately, the file I receive does not have a Table set, so I find I have to do that--but the length of the list of emails in the sheet is variable from file to file. That's problem 1. Problem 2 is that the file is overwritten each time a new one comes in and the flow fails because. the UID has changed. Is there a better way to fully automate this process?



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