Send Email Reminders Through Power Automate

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Request your help with the following task:


Need to send Daily Reminders with pending tasks to the individual. I was able to send individual emails for each item, however would like to send 1 email to each user with list of all their pending items.


My data is stored in Excel Online.


SL NoDepartmentTaskOwnerStatusEmail Address
1FinanceTask 1ABCDoneEmail address removed
2FinanceTask 2ABCPendingEmail address removed
3OperationsTask 3XYZPendingEmail address removed
4OperationsTask 4XYZPendingEmail address removed
5OperationsTask 5XYZDoneEmail address removed
6FinanceTask 6ABCPendingEmail address removed


Eg. ABC should get an email of SL No 2 and 6 (in 1 email) and XYZ should get an email of SL 3 and 4.

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Hi @sharadbajaj, once you got the items follow the steps below

  1. Create an array variable for storing all the Owners
  2. Loop through the items and then store all the Owners in the above array variable.
  3. Use Union method with the above array variable to get the unique Owners and store it on the same variable.
  4. Using apply with the Owners array variable, use the filter action with the items and then filter for each owner and send the consolidate list to the respective owner.

Please try it out and let me know if you have any clarifications.

Hi Sudarshan,

I have been unable to do this. Can you please help me with a detailed tutorial or point me to a already existing one.