Send daily email using a multi choice column in Sharepoint

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I am trying to create a flow that would send a daily email with the following conditions:


1. A column named "follow-up", with a multi-choice that consists of people name and different comittees that I would have a follow-up to do regarding the item.

2. For every item that "follow-up" is not empty, the email would list by "follow-up" choice, which item I would have to follow-up.

3. The "follow-up" choices are not static; from time to time I need to add a new choice so in the flow it can't be filtered with pre-determined choices.

4. Some items have a "due date", which would be included in the email



Email: "Daily follow-up elements"


Follow-up choice 1

Item 1 

Item 2 due 2022-12-05

Item 5 due 2023-01-08


Follow-up choice 2

Item 2 due 2022-12-05

Item 4


Follow-up choice 3

Item 1




I read a lot on the subject but wasn't able to find something that would solve what I need to do.


Thank you!

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Hi @Hellmat , I think the best solution would be to embed an adaptive card into an email and then process the selections using a 'When a HTTP request is received' action. I built a solution after watching this helpful video: