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I have created a flow where an MS Form will trigger an approval which will trigger an email. The problem is that I want the approval to be generic. I do not have a specific email but anyone designated dynamically in the MS form should be able to approve the request. 



I tried using service accounts and other combinations. But it won't work other than using my account. Also , the email server only accepts emails from accounts with our domains. So Email Notification V3 feature is also not working. I need urgent help.

Please let me know how to achieve this.


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@aveek23 I'm not sure what you mean by "anyone designated dynamically in the MS form" but my general comments are that as you have created this flow from the Forms template you have that erroneous apply to each. It is wrong but Microsoft have never corrected it. You should create the flow from blank and have the get response details immediately after the trigger. Then the other actions should follow that. The apply to each causes problems.


What are you putting into the "Send email to helpdesk"?


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Hi ,


There is a specific email field in the MS Forms which is intended to contain the supervisor email ID. This email will then receive the Approval request. 

Once this person approves the request, it will send an email to the helpdesk team (A common mailbox from Ivanti). 

Here is the content from Send Mail to Helpdesk:


Can you please show me the corrected steps when you say - create from blank (Am not an expert in Power Automate)? I would need the form's data (specifically the supervisor email ID) to send the approval to. Also the requestor's email ID would have to ideally send the email to the helpdesk email once the approval is done. 

Hope I could explain the scenario.