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Would someone please help?

I'm trying to make a purchase form. I made 2 SharePoint lists. One keeps approvers/Managers for each Affiliate. The affiliate column is Text and Approvers are Person type.


The second list is the Purchase list. and I need to get managers from the first list based on affiliate.


I try to get the first user's manager like: Office365Users.Manager(Office365Users.MyProfile().UserPrincipalName) or Office365Users.Manager(User().Email)

That doesn't work. I want to set it as DefaulSelectedItems for 'Approval Manager'

Then I want to use the first list to find the other managers and set them as DefaulSelectedItems for 'Approval by CEO'. If it was blank, then the user should add it manually. I tried
Screen - OnVisible : Set(Affi,Office365Users.MyProfile().Country)
DefaulSelectedItems : LookUp('Affiliate Order Approvers',Affiliate=Affi,'Approver 2')
But it doesn't work again.


Would someone advise?


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