Room bookning with calendars and Flow, how to do it?

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I have to create a room booking solution and I would like to use Flow to check if the room is already booked and to send confirmation email to the user that create the booking.

The scenario looks like this: There are tre rooms. I´ve created a calendar for each room and updated the form so its show an username field, start time, end time, and a lookup field that gets the name of the rooms from a list. Then I have overlay calendar that show the other three calendars. This overlay calendar has the same fields in its form as the room`s calendars. 

My goal is that when a user click "add" in the overlay calendar a Flow runs that check if the room desired is free or not. If its free, Flow creates a new entry in the wanted room`s calendar, if its not, Flows send a email to the user informing that the room is not available .

How I could use Flow for this? 

Any link with a step by step guide? 


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What mail system are you using?
A room is just a resource, why not create the room as a resource in your mail system, just like any meeting room?
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I am using outlook (Office365).

I have created two rums in Office365 to begin with. 

Now I would like to show the calendar in a sharepoint online site so the user knows which days and time are available. 

Where I can find that calendar to import into SharePoint online? 





I would like to create similar solution.


Did you finish your flow?


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I need the same thing to my organization!)