Retrieved SharePoint list items count

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I have a flow which retrieves list items from a SharePoint list by passing a odata filter query (for eg Status eq 'Draft'). Is there a way to identify the count of the retrieved items and then use it in the next step ? I see that the correct values are being retrieved when I see the flow execution log.


There seems no way to get the count of items though !!

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yes. if the SharePoint action you are using is Get Items, let's say you name it "GetMyItems", you can store the following Logic App (WDL) code @length(body('GetMyItems')?['value']). You can read my blog post (see the last part).

Store "@length(body('GetMyItems')?['value'])" in a Compose action and reuse the compose action output where you want (don't forget the double quotes around the whle expression)


Hope this helps.


Serge Luca

Yes I was using the Get items action. Thanks it worked :)


This has just given me a pointer to explore Logic app-WDL code more and how to use it in Flow !!