Request Sign Off and Common Data Service

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Request Sign Off


I would like to understand how this works with the Common Data Service. My tenancy was created after the March update to the Common Data Service. This means that I cannot create a Common Data Service against the default environment. When I try to create any Flow in the default environment that uses the approval connector I am told that a Common Data Service does not exist and so the Approval cannot run. With this being the case if I create a new environment and  Common Data Service (I need PowerApps Plan 2 do this) I can create approvals in that environments. So here is the questions when creating the "Request Sign Off" Workflow it always goes into the default environment and will not work as there is no Common Data Service there what do I do to allow it to work? My tenancy, Azure AD and Environments are all in the UK.

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I find that really strange. You should be able to use the Approval connector without the use of the Common Data Service. What kind of data do you use in the Approval action?