Removing HTML in Flow when pushing Teams Messages into Yammer


My Flow pushes Microsoft Teams messages to Yammer based on a certain Hashtag. 

How can I remove HTML which was created when adding Hyperlinks? I don`t see how I can add a HTML2String Parsing Stage. 



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Have you tried Html to text action?

yes, Serge, but it doesnt make any difference.


Here is my HTML2Text Code, I just want want to use the Microsoft Teams Body Content Field and strip the HTML off.

"inputs": {
"host": {
"connection": {
"name": "@parameters('$connections')['shared_conversionservice']['connectionId']"
"method": "post",
"body": "

: @{triggerBody()?['body']?['content']}

"path": "/html2text",
"authentication": "@parameters('$authentication')"
"metadata": {
"flowSystemMetadata": {
"swaggerOperationId": "HtmlToText"

@Ragnar_Heil  I've created the following flow and it works: