Reminder emails (Power Automate) - dealing with blank people field

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In Power Automate I want to check for blank email values in a people SharePoint column.


Design solution:


I have a flow which sends emails 4 days before a target date as reminders.  The datasource is a SharePoint Online list.


On the list, TargetCompletionDate is a Date/Time column showing date only in a standard format. Owner is a person/group column, allowing selection of 'People and Groups'.  It's this value used to send an e-mail for items nearing their completion date.


  • On the Get Items action, there's a filter query: TargetCompletionDate ne null to filter out items with blank 'TargetCompletionDate' values, so the flow doesn't error on those items.
  • A condition uses the 'addDays' function adding 4 days from now & checks against the 'TargetCompletionDate' value (see screenshot Reminder Flow 3).

  • If that condition is met there's a second condition to only send emails if the 'Owner' value isn't blank (screenshot Reminder Flow 4).  If there's an email address, it sends the reminder email.

Question: is there a better way to check for empty email values?


Instead of a condition, can I use a Trigger Condition or an addition to the Filter Query.


I've tried a few things, but with no success.


Trigger Conditions I've tried:



If I strip out the existing Filter Query, I can get it to work with Owner ne null -- however I'll need to check TargetCompletionDate isn't empty, otherwise the flow will error on items where it is.  I'm not getting the syntax right.

For instance, this isn't working: TargetCompletionDate ne null or Owner/EMail ne null


(I suspect this is because there will always be a ; (semi-colon) in the TO: field, using the Send an email notification (V3) action)


Can anyone suggest alternatives to the second condition action?



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