Refresh Issue with Combo box control in PowerApps

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Hi Everyone,


We are experiencing the below issue of page getting refreshed when anything entered in combo box control for searching for the first time. 


On entering a single character for the first time in the combo box control, it is refreshing the complete app. Post that refresh from second time onwards, the combo box is functioning the normal way without any page refresh.


Did anyone experienced this issue - Is it something newly introduced bug? Any workarounds for this issue. Can anyone provide insights on this issue.


Note: This is reproducible on the published App and not when we run the app in preview mode.



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@bhanu chintha I just tried it searching in combo box in my environment. I am not able to reproduce this issue.

Is there any code written on OnChange or any other property of combo box control? can you share more details which will help to reproduce the issue?

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Hi, This issue got resolved after upgrading to latest version. We had to upgrade to the latest PowerApps version.

App Settings > Support > Edit Authoring Version and choose latest version.