Reference documentation for Flow tasks

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Is there any reference documentation for how to use Flow?  I've seen lots of videos, but no real reference documentation.


For example, there is an Excel Insert Row task which takes a Spreadsheet and a Worksheet name.  I couldn't initially understand how to format the values that will get inserted into the row.


Where can people go to learn more about working with specific Actions and Triggers?

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All Flow documentation can be found in the Microsoft Flow site: Here you will find:
- Flow templates you can use as starting point for your Flows:
- List of services you can connect with in Flow: If you click on a specific service, you will get templates ready to use that connects with that service:
- All Flow reference documentation is also here:
- Microsoft Flow Community:

Thanks but none of that is the documentation we need though. We're looking for docs along the caliber of a TechNet or MSDN article. These are simply 'Getting Started' and 'FAQ' type docs for end users. I need something that outlines the exact syntax of the services/connection so when I'm building advanced Flows I know exactly what I can and can't do.

Hey Paul,


Not sure if you figured it out, but was this what you were looking for?: 


There is also a link to the triggers for flow on the navigation on the left, but here is a link to that as well:

Could not agree more with Darren's sentiment. Trying to create flows, and what actions to use to achieve an outcome seems very difficult given the level of documentation. Today I added a "Set Variable" action, where is the documentation for this action?