Redirecting SharePoint List Form to PowerApp

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I've created a canvas PowerApp to support a custom form and associated Flow and have created a landing page with links that pass parameters to the app. I'd like to prevent users from using the OOTB SharePoint list form other than just removing it from the nav. Please let me know if anyone has a solution for this scenario. Thanks!

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@Maha Elkoshairi to do that you start by creating the PowerApp from the SharePoint list e.g go to the list and choose the Customise option at the top.


Hi, Maha.
I have somewhat similar need where I need to redirect a SharePoint list (Classic/Modern) into a Power App form. The preferred behavior when someone opens the site URL/Lists/OldList, it will launch the brand-new Power App form instead.

Were you able to find a solution to this? Thanks.
If you create a Power App from the Power Apps portal and bring in the List as the data source (rather than using the customize form option in the list navigation), then you will have a stand-alone Power App that can be accessed from a browser link, embedded on a SP page, and added as a tab to Teams.

Hope that helps.