Problems with flow and transfer of data between sharepoint lists

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I'm trying the following scenario and fail to return infos to the first list.

I have 2 lists in Sharepoint. List A and list B.
In list A an approval workflow is started and after approval in list B a new item is created. In the new element data will be added and when saved, this data will be played back to list A.

I transfer the ID from list A to a new column in list B called 'SystemID' and try to use it again when returning to list A with the triggerBody()?['SystemID'] command to identify the correct element.
Somehow it doesn't work.

Does anyone have any idea how I can exchange data between the lists?


Greetings Patrick

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Hi @PatrickVonM 


Can you show a sample of your flow please? Just want to get an idea of how you are connect list A and B together and the System ID that you mentioned that you are using.


It should be possible to have the IDs from list A and B to share data between if it's in the same flow.


I'll be able to give you better advice once I see yours. Make sure to redact any sensitive info like URLs for your data protection/security.