Pricing changes for PowerApps

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When did the pricing and licensing options for PowerApps change? I have just discovered that all the admin functions that used to be available with just the PowerApps for O365 are now extra as part of a PowerApps Plan 2 license? When did this happen, and if I understand correctly, it basically means to get Admin functions for PowerApps we now need to pay an extra $40 a month!!



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As an addendum, same applies to FLOW, where admin functions are now only available with the Plan 2 for $15 a month.
So, in order to have full Admin functionality for PowerApps and Flow, we are going to have to pay an extra $55 p/m !!

@Alon Goldberg I too am going through the same discussion with my leadership. But ultimately I am really trying to figure out what actual function you lose with not having access to the additional Admin Features? Can you provide some insight as to what you do lose if you are not using premium functions?



This is from the PowerApps/Flow pricing pages:


  • Microsoft PowerApps Plan 2 subscriptions are for users and administrators who need full create and run capabilities. These users have access to important management capabilities like viewing usage and setting policy. PowerApps Plan 2 users can model data in the Common Data Service.


Flow Plan 2 $15 per user/month


  • View Flow usage across the company
  • Establish Environment policies regarding the usage of different connections and Flows

As an Admin, I will def. want to have usage visibility into PowerApps/Flow usage and of course the ability to set policies. The answer I have so far from MSFT is that you see the Admin features 'free' for the first 30 days and then you need the P2... That doesn't quite gel with what I was seeing in our tenant. Besides that, I don't get that they are charging extra for admin functions...