Powerapps using Sharepoint list with multi-line text field

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Using a SharePoint list back end I have created a PowerApps canvas app that loads the data and creates new entries [fairly standard stuff].

My 'comments' text field needs more than the 255 characters allowed by SharePoint in a single line text item, so I have to use a multi-line text box [set to plain text]. 

However, when I load any record into the PowerApps form, all other fields load OK, but this one stays stubbornly blank [standard text input type, with Mode = TextMode.MultiLine], where there is text to load. Where might I be going wrong? How can I link the plain text Sharepoint multi-line text item to a Canvas app form to display and update? thanks

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@DiarmuidFord In my case, I had the multiple line column in the Sharepoint list in "Plain text mode".

I had to switch to another mode like "Enhanced rich text" upload the list on the Power apps, and then switch back to "plain text" and upload again.