PowerApps: Applying multiple conditions (if statement) to onvisible property of a text box

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Hi there,


I have a powerapps app connected to a sharepoint list and I'm trying to compare 4 inputted values to 4 different columns in the list. I have it in the Onvisible property so if it matches any, a text box should become visible - like a popup.

The conditions are 1) the drop down is the same as the sharepoint list title column,

2) The selected start time (Starttime) is inbetween the Start time  3) and End time in the SharePoint.

4) The selected date is the same as the date in the sharepoint list. 

The code I have is: 


If(CountRows(Filter('Sharepoint site', Text(Dropdown.Selected.Value) = Title)) >= 1
  && CountRows(Filter('Sharepoint site', TimeValue(StartTime_Sharepoint) <= TimeValue(Starttime) && TimeValue(EndTime_Sharepoint) >= TimeValue(Starttime))) >= 1 
  && CountRows(Filter('Sharepoint site', Date_Sharepoint = DatePicker.SelectedDate)) >= 1,
true, false)

The problem I have is it's not applying them all, as you can see in the below the pop up is showing when it doesn't pass all the conditions. 



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Hi @emmamadigan1 


Hope you are well.


If possible, some screen shots of your set up in PowerApps will help us to visualise your problem.


Also you refer to a pop up but none was provided in your post, is there a screen shot of this pop up of which you speak?