Power Automate or Microsoft Flow to move or copy from 2010 SharePoint items to SharePoint online

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Hello there, 

I was trying to get items to new site using the Microsoft Flow but this tool is not accepting the old site name HTTP //DOCS/SSP What is the fix. I have neither access to SharePoint designer nor I know much about the coding. Here is a picture what I get while adding the source site name. Any help will be much appreciate. 


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Hi @Nkhatiwada,


The site URL does not look valid or cannot be translated by Power Automate. Try using the fully qualified URL i.e. https://yourtenantname.sharepoint.com/ssp.


I hope this helps.



Hello Norm,

I tried different things to get the URL but I have this only DavWWWRoot. Not sure why the url has back slashes. 


@Nkhatiwada sorry I didn't notice that you were trying to connect to SP 2010. The SharePoint connector only supports SharePoint 2013 or 2016 farm using the On-Premises Data Gateway.


Are you able to migrate the list to SPO?



Not all. @Norman Young 

I tried different ways, but moving files and list from SP 2010 to SharePoint online is really difficult. Microsoft created a really good app Power Automate to create the flow to move/copy the lists but doesn't support SP 2010. That's little thing they could have made happen. 

Thank you Norm for getting back to me to reply my questions.

Can you export the 2010 list to Excel? If so, Excel will let you export to SharePoint as a new list.

@Norman Young, Yes, I did. It worked for simple list data only. Excel file converted People and Group, and choice data type to single line of texts. Had to manually correct those later in SPO after migrating. Struggling now to move the attachments in old SharePoint 2010 list. I could move the whole list folder to SPO using Windows Explorer but can't use it as a list either. 

@Norman Young 

Yes, that was my final option to go with, but our IT hasn't given permission to use. Our SP admin team only has access to this tool.