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I just located two Power Automate SharePoint List issues that will cause the Dynamic Content / Expression to return the NO DYNAMIC CONTENT AVAILABLE


If your SharePoint List has a Lookup column Connected to another List

and Require that this column contains information: is Yes

and Enforce relationship behavior is not selected

and the Lookup Column was deleted




If your SharePoint List has a Lookup column Connected to another List

and Require that this column contains information: Yes,

and the column has selected the <Title>(linked to item)


Either configuration will show NO DYNAMIC CONTENT AVAILABLE.


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@mrising1 Which trigger/actions related to SharePoint are you using in Power automate?


Is this trigger related to child list (where lookup column is added)? It would be helpful if you can add screenshot to understand the issue.

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I tried to add screen shots with my initial posting, but could not for some reason.
in Power Automate, + Create, Searched for SharePoint, 

Selected - When an item is created or modified,
                 Selected Site Address, List Name,
+ New Step
Choose an Operation, Control, Condition
                 When Selecting any Choose a value, Dynamic Content, this resulted in NO DYNAMIC CONTENT AVAILABLE.
I did resolve these issues using the two methods described above.