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On this document: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-automate/limits-and-config, can someone explain what run duration and retention mean on this chart? How would we configure our flows so they run automatically indefinitely based on our triggers? Some of our flows probably wouldn’t kick off every 30 days.

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@ascquestions what they mean is that you can't have a flow that takes more than 30 days to complete. For example if you have an approval in the flow, if the approver doesn't approve or reject it in the 30 days then the flow will time out and won't complete. Any data in that flow that has been stored in a variable for example will also be lost after 30 days.


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Thank you for your response! Some of our projects have approval processes that may go beyond 30 days per approval. What would you suggest we do in these cases? For example, a facilities project that goes through an agency which takes up to a year up to process and that approval is our condition to continue our workflow?

@ascquestions there's no way round the 30 day limit to achieve your approval times of over a year. So you will need to consider whether multiple flows can be triggered at different points in the process to keep within this.


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Thank you for the response! We'll see about injecting some type of trigger every 29 days to keep the flow going.
I would take a look at this video, which includes some tips and techniques for long-running approval flows: https://youtu.be/h6Eb-F0P6Hs