Power Apps - How to add JavaScript Code and CSS files

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Hi All,

 I am new to PowerApps. I am Working in SharePoint Online List 2019.

Earlier I was using SharePoint Designer.Now it was deprecated. I was using JavaScript and CSS externally and made Ajax calls for my customized Query like (WorkFlow history, Version history,etc).Now i am using Power Apps to customize forms. How to Add JavaScript codes/ CSS to  Power Apps customized Forms.

Any Examples / steps / Documentation.?

Please guide me!! Thanks

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@Annamsoft You will get some threads how to accomplish this using power-apps but I will suggest to be refrained from them. I will share my two cents here, power-apps are not a replacement for custom coded application which has dependency on the JavaScript, CSS and other html components. I will strongly suggest to use SPFx web part to accomplish this, it might require some initial effort to get started if you are not well verse with the technology stack but end result will be good with a better outcome. MS has set a good standards and i think as developers we should follow. Use the SPFx libraries they make your life so easy its just the time for being familiar with them.