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A colleague at my office is looking to set up a way for our weekly IT emails to automatically upload to a SharePoint folder from Outlook. Any suggestions? I'm new to Flows and can't find much online for help. Note: we want the entire email to upload, not just the attachments.


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Hi @Jordan_2019 


Here you have a possible answer: https://www.enovapoint.com/blog/post/2-ways-to-autosave-emails-to-sharepoint-online


Basically it's a flow that triggers when a new mail arrives, export it (generate eml file) and upload it to a SharePoint Library.


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I am sorry for not knowing but how do I set up an email address to my Doc library?


Hi @Jordan_2019 

As I understand, you want to upload the email you receive in your inbox to a SharePoint Document Library. Why do you need an email addres to this Doc Library? Here's another solution that may give you some ideas: https://www.anupams.net/enable-incoming-mails-sharepoint-online/


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