Outlook email to Teams channel flow

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I've set up a flow that begins with an Email trigger followed by Message Post Action to a Teams channel. The flow works when tested (several times), but the in-line picture of the email message doesn't post properly in the Teams channel. I haven't been able to figure out why the Teams message post only includes a place holder for the in-line picture. Presently, I'm using "Post a Message V3" for the Action with the 'Body' and 'Subject' Dynamic Content types. I've included a screenshot of posted message in Teams for reference.

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I ran into a similar problem with an iframe issues - technically the flow seceded, but from the system perspective, the 'formatting' of the email is funky. My first instinct is to as where the image that you adding to the email located. Are you having the the flow pull the image from a sharepoint/onedrive or network location? As it could a permissions/access issue (you can see it cuz its you that's view the text, that is triggered by you... But others, including Automate/the person that triggered the real flow, don't have the same access as you to that image file). Or it could be a weird issue where MS is try to be intuitive with the content and slightly tweaking the code for the image and its just off enough it can't be displayed.
It would be helpful to see an image of the flow itself (email action in particular), both 'regular' and code image of the flow (if you aren't familiar with that view, you can toggle back and forth using the ribbon on that action).

@lisashares Thanks for the feedback! I created the emails in Outlook desktop with inline pics from my local machine, so I will test this flow with an inserted pic from a SharePoint sync folder that all of our users have access to. I will share the results of the test with you.