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New to this forum, hope to learn a lot.


I am an IT employee (and also Sharepoint admin), and working on setting up a communication platform in SharePoint.

If anyone has a cool tip to make pages look fun and attractive, I'd love to hear it.


My question for this post.

Is it possible to get a notification when a comment is added to a SharePoint page?

For example, I have a page with FAQ on it. At the bottom of the page, employees can ask a question via the comments. When they do, I would like to get a notification. So I thought in the first place that this would require PowerAutomate.


Anyone have an idea if this is possible?


I hope to be able to find an answer here soon, so that I can ask the following question. I still have some of them though. :smile:



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@Ronny Cornelis a method to get comments on a page via a flow in Power automate is described here.


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Hey, hello Rob.

Sorry I didn't respond sooner.
I checked and tested the flow (which is quite technical for me :) ), but this one doesn't really work for me. I then tested with @mentions, but these also do not seem to arrive.