No Environments available in Flow Admin center

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I'm an O365 Global Admin, my account also has an E3 licence which has Flow for Office 365 as a plan.


When I log into Flow I can see Admin Center in the Cog, I go to the admin center and I see Data Policies, Data Integration, Tenant - User Licences and Quotas but no Environments, am I missing something?


Thanks in advance

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that sounds like a bug 

I've had that happen to my Global Admin Account. To fix I had to subscribe to Plan 2 to see the Environment section. See if you can register for a free Plan 2. IMO I think this is a gap for Global Admins to need an additional plan to help monitor and maintain for supportability of the services.
Hi Jeff,

I agree, we have no one on Microsoft Flow Plan 2, we don't even have a Microsoft Flow Plan 2 in the tenant, so in this scenario I have no way to administer environments.

I don't see them either.  I'm not sure where you enable the Flow Plan 2 option as my assumption is it's part of my E3 account or being a Global Admin.  Strange thing is, I saw them around October 2017 and when checking about a month ago they were gone.  My co-worker, who has the exact same permissions as I do can see the environments, so I'm not sure why I don't.

I'm also facing the same issue. I don't understand why as a global admin we can't manage environments without a Flow 2 plan.  This should be made available regardless for global admins. 

Hi all


I'm global admin of the tenant + I added the PowerApps P2 trial 

and I still can't find Environments on admin center


I was able to create successfully new environment with the creation of a data base (an entity) however le environment link still not found !