Need variable size (height) of item view form when customizing with PowerApps

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I am customizing a custom list form using PowerApps. In the view form I need to have available space for showing HTML content from a multi-line textfield. This is for showing internal vacancies and the job description might have a lot of text.

I would like to have the height of the form be dynamic so that long texts simply make for a longer page with scrollbar, like any normal web page. As of now I can only define the available size in the App settings, where I am using the option to define a custom size of 1185 x 1000.


The text field itself is now set to autoheight=true but that does not affect the form/page size itself at runtime.  This means that the text that does not fit within the available 1000 pixels is simply not available to the users.


I can of course set the app height to be a lot higher, but that seems like a poor solution.

Thanks for any tips

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