Need help with sharepoint flow to get attchements in mail

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I am trying to create a multiple level approval flow and in each approval mail, I need to send information to user either in attachment file or picture data or at least in URL for the attachment which user can directly open. Can anybody help to write flow for this. 

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Can you provide a little more detail about where the file you want to attach?  You can't attach files to the approval email as it exists today.  To include a URL, you can use the markdown syntax to define the URL easily.  In the start and wait for approval action, in the Detail box, you will add your instructions or whatever and wherever you want and use [text](link URL).  How you get the text and URL can be manually typed or gotten dynamically via get actions or variables, just depending on where the file is.  You can see more info on markdown here.  Here's an example of an approval with a hyperlink that works.  In the example, the URL is the output of an expression formula to build a URL.


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Hi @Abhijit12641 


In addition to @Doug Allen's suggestion, you could also try using Send email with options which allows you to specify the user options to choose from (e.g. Approve/Deny, Yes/No, etc). You can also attach files to the email and apply formatting.


I use both the formal Approvals function and the Send email with options depending on how much flexibility I need in what I'm creating.




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@Doug Allen Thanks a lot. I managed to get link to open the list item with the solution provided.  

@Damien Rosario Thanks a lot for detailed explanation. I will try this also in new flow.

Unfortunately the approval flow I am creating has 6 levels of approvals and flow logic does not allow me to add more than 8 levels. I have to find a different way to approach this. Is there any looping solution as possible with flow. For example, every time a next level of approval is needed flow can go back to loop and then once response is received it will come to last step and then work as per the response received.

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@Abhijit12641 glad to hear.  I would greatly appreciate marking it as the solution.  Thanks!



Each approval step can have multiple approvers.  So approval 1 action can have 5 approvers, approval 2 can have 3, etc.  

Hi @Abhijit12641 


Sounds like a complex approval flow you have there.



1. Is it possible to group some of the approvers together? Approvals allows you to have all Approvers to respond in order for the approval to be accepted.


2. Can you please explain how you have several levels of approvals? The diagram shows two although I get were you are going with it.


It's possible to loop but will need to understand what you are looking to achieve business wise to be able to guide you.


Hope you are well!