Multiple Copies of Forms in Drop Down Field in Power Automate

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Hello everyone,


I'm hoping someone can help me with a very frustrating problem for me.  Every time I use Power Automate (I'm a newbie), and need to use any MS Forms Connector or template, the first field is to choose the said form.  However, in the background if I delete a form or move it elsewhere, the drop down field STILL shows that form.  


As you can see from the image, I had created multiple copies in MS Forms doing all the permutations and combinations of why I would be seeing them in MS Power Automate.  In the back end, in MS Forms, there's only ONE form NOT multiple ones as shown here which obviously then makes me scratch my head as to which one I should select - which is my TRUE and ACTUAL and CORRECT form?


How do I clear this list and start afresh so that it picks the forms that are in my lists? Do I have to copy these and come up with a completely new title so that it stands out from the rest? 


Any advice appreciated. 


Many thanks:smile:


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