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I haven't found any techcommunity article which answers any of the following i hope you have some answers for me :)

(btw: i'm new to this MS Flow World)


Is there any big picture for an Admin to see all existing MS Flows inside of an Org ?

With Get-AdminFlow i can pull all the existing MS Flows. That is a nice list but it does not show me the content (conditions, actions and the structure of the flow itself)


Are there any Logs which each MS Flow creates during/and after each run ? (successful, not successful, ..)

Logs which can be collected somehow ?


thank you






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You can go to the Flow Admin Center (you need to have a P2 license), then click on the Environments, choose the default Environment, click Resources, then Flows, you will see a listing, clicking on the Info button will show the Connections (but not the actions or structure)


thank you Dean


I've found an alternative for that. (without the need of buying a P2 license)

--> Office 365 CLI and the MS flow stuff


However this does not help that much because the structure itself can also not be retrieved.


My second question is the most important one for me. To find out if there are any MS Flow  logs available which i can collect. I really hope that there is a way because the UI provides you with error and issues indication in each of the flow.


any ideas ?

i try my luck again and ask the community if there is a chance to get access to MS Flow logs (powershell or api).

it would be great if someone has an answer on that


thank you

Hi @Stefan Fried,

Since a couple of months there is a PowerApps and Flow Powershell module available. Check The cmdlets will not give you the internal structure of the Flow, but you are able to get Flow runs (Get-FlowRun) or get used connections (Get-PowerAppConnection).

There are also a whole bunch of administrative cmdlets but without a P2 these cmdlets only give you info about Flows that are made by or shared with your user account. With a P2 and the correct administrative role in O365 and the PowerApps/Flow environments you can get info about the Flow that are not shared with you.

With a P2 you can also use the Flow management connector ( administering Flow by using Flow. 

A similar connector for PowerApps was announced during the Business Application Summit a couple of weeks ago. With these two connectors combined you can build your own PowerApps and Flow admin center using PowerApps and Flow if you want something else than Microsoft provides.

An on-demand session on this topic you can find here:

Thank you Rebekka!


that is a lot of information (some i know already:).
BTW, the Video is great!

So if i understand correctly, the upcoming Analytics stuff is only available with Flow P2, right ?


I'm still missing the piece of information where i can access error logs from every flow (in case of an error)  without going via the Analytics Dashboard of Flow.  i want to pull this via API and/or cmdlets


thank you again