Move Flow from trial to E3 tenant plan

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I created a Flow using my  O365 E3 account and it looks it created as a trial plan. Due to it being a trial I get only 750 runs a month as opposed to the 2000 runs/month allowed for the E3 tenant as shown at

 How can I 'move' the flow from the trial to my tenant plan? Appreciate your assistance.



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Unfortunately you can't. You'd have to recreate your flow in the other environment...


See the following URL:


What resources you can migrate

There are different procedures for migrating each kind of resource.

  1. Connections, custom APIs, and flows: you can't be migrate these resources; you must recreate them in the destination environment.
  2. Gateways: gateways are only supported in the default (and {tenant name} (from preview) ) environments, so migration is not supported.
  3. PowerApps: you save the app locally in the origin environment by using PowerApps Studio for Windows or PowerApps Studio for web, and then you open the app and recreate it in the destination environment.
  4. Common Data Service entity schema changes, new entities, new permission sets, new roles: this is not supported for GA but is coming very soon.