Modify Request Sign-off for multiple approvers

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I love the way that the flow Request Sign-Off works.  I have been trying to recreate it for multiple approvers but cannot seem to get it duplicated.  Is there a template for this that is already made?  Or details on how the Request Sign-off is made so that I can recreate it with multiple approvers?

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Hello @BenMeyering ;

Yes, You can easily use Start approval when a new item is added Flow. You just need to have a different column if you want to send the approval to different users from the column if you can hardcoded in the flow.

Please find the attachment.

Hope this resolves your issue.




Hello, did you learn more about this 'Request Sign-Off' flow since? Is it possible to view this built-in Flow in Power Automate? Thanks!


I found this: Able to modify "request sign-off" flow in document... - Power Platform Community (