Microsoft Forms > Sharepoint list > View list as calendar. Can not get date fields to work?

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I am trying to create a flow that works like this

1. When a post in a Microsoft Form is submitted

2. Put the inputted data from the form in a Sharepoint list (form contains two textfield and two date filed in Forms).


This works great with Flow.

But when i create a Calendar view on the list.

The date fields in the form answers are not recognized by flow.

I must have the fields in the list set to text fields and not date fields for the form data to go from form to sharepoint list.... but if i dont have the columns in the list set to dates i can not use those dates in the setup of the calendar view.


This seems like a bug.

Anyone got any idea of how to work this out?


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Hello @Oskar Kuus


why not ask in the Flow community: I suppose there you can have a big help; however, do you have seen if it is possible to format date from Microsoft Forms with Workflow Definition Language date and time functions? Or, in SharePoint, have you tried to create a calculated field or try to insert a formula with DATE in th text field that you have to us as date field?

Sorry, thought i were in the flow community.

Can you guide me into what you mean?
How to do a calculated field?

If i could figure out how to transfer the text date that is put in to the list from forms, to a new date column in the list, that would solve everything.

Ie copy value from one column to another column.

Hey Oskar, it works just fine with me using the default fields to a SharePoint calendar. Here is my flow example, make sure your getting the values, then you have to just drop down the extra section to get access to the date fields. they plug right in and work Just fine! Also calendar's don't show in the pick list for the SharePoint list, you have to use enter custom value and just put in the name. At least I had too, it's an older calendar template. 2018-06-02_16-38-01.jpg



Thats so wierd. I got the exact same setup as you have. But i do not get my date fields as an option in the flow when creating an item. I only get submission time.
I’m using a calendar list. Sounds like you need to modify your list your using and add more datetime columns to your list or change the existing one to datetime if it’s not already. Make sure include time might be required.

I have tried to create a calendar in sharepoint and create a list and then create the view calendar.


Now i have also tried to create a calculated field in the list to transfeer the date from the text field to a new column that is a date field. This allows me to setup the calendar properly so the start and end time is based on those dates. But no events are showing up in the calendar then... (i have tried to turn on time and date and only date). The list looks correct, but nothing is shown in the calendar.



Hello @Oskar Kuus


could you please give us a screenshot of your list setup?

Think i got things to work.

I think the problem was that my sharepoint site had the wrong timezone... dont know how/why but i noticed it when trying to fix another problem. Then i also started all over with my flow and created all new lists. Now i can put in the dates to the calendar from the form.


So atm im trying to set things up... hoping it will work in the end.


Hello can you show me how did you resolve the problem? I am having the same problem as you before, I can't create an item in the calendar using the data from the list.


Hope you will respond. Thank you

I only get response ID as an option, despite having both start time and end time as fields within the form. 

However, start time and end time fields are free text - is there an time option, as there is a date?



Howdy @Oskar Kuus , 


I am trying to do the same thing that you where doing with forms to Calendar, but I have no clue on how to get this done. Do you think you could send me some screen shots for something to help me acomplish this? Your Flow seems to be exactly what I am trying to accomplish. 




Mike T


I've managed to work around it by adding in the highlighted information within start time and date information from the form. 

This was required due to the 'string' information needed.



I took this example and everything is working fine! Thanks ;)